Features & Benefits of Clinical Skincare Range

About Clinical Skincare

Clinical Skincare offers more than just the traditional beauty effects, as they belong to a new wave in skincare products, known today as the ‘Naturaceuticals’. It represents a marriage of naturally sourced active ingredients with pharmaceutical grade purity to produce a hybrid known today as the ‘Naturaceutical’ skincare range.

These products promise to change the structure, function and appearance of the skin. To do this, they must contain high levels of active ingredients such as vitamins, phyto-chemicals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, peptones, essential oils and free radical spin traps which influence the biological function of the skin, by reversing sun damage and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

We encourage you to explore the ‘Clinical’ range and experience ‘Naturaceuticals’ for yourself with instantly visible results. Don’t just settle for “success”, make a difference and strive for “significance”.

Your customers will be impressed and so will your bankers! We look forward to serving you with tireless dedication!

Features & Benefits of Clinical Skincare Range

  1. Offering the latest technology in therapeutic and beauty products, containing high dosages of vitamins, minerals, immune-enhancing, toning, firming and lifting ingredients.
  2. Every new product is tested on humans for a minimum period of six months to one year before it is added to our skincare line.
  3. Clinical Skincare offers quality products for the best results, expert advice and fast service for all skincare needs.
  4. Clinical Skincare is an exclusive skincare line dedicated to skincare specialists who are innovative and experienced.
  5. Clinical Skincare treatment products are available exclusively to trained skincare professionals.
  6. Clinical Skincare skincare range is formulated with natural ingredients combined with biotechnology and backed up by leading scientists to create the finest skincare products, which show the best results.
  7. Clinical Skincare did not jump on to the bandwagon; Clinical Skincare IS the bandwagon.
  8. In 1989 Glycolic Polymers were introduced to treatments and Home Care products for Salons, Doctor’s Clinics and Spas. While not just another Glycolic product provider, we make sure the Clinical Therapist understands what the skin needs, while using the purifying exfoliants without shocking the immune response in the skin. All of our Therapists follow up their peels with our exclusive Epigrowth Factor (EGF-DNA) to provide the skin with the protein it requires for healing itself.
  9. Clinical Skincare products are formulated as a response to each specific need and skin problem. They all act in synergy, by an exclusive method of formulation.
  10. Clinical Skincare laboratory researches continously to bring to professionals the latest innovation in the skincare industry.
  11. We are proud of our reputation of being a forerunner.
  12. The biotechnology, quality and science of our products reflect the care and research we put into each and every formulation.
  13. Our formulations are not tested on animals and are manufactured in concentrations that produce quicker results than most others on the market.

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