Cherry Berry Enzyme Peel Instructions

For cystic acne, scars, dull and sun-damaged skins. Also good for treating stretch marks.
Do not use on Rosacea or Sensitive Skin types.

Procedure Time: 45 minutes

Using Sensitive Cleansing Bar and Facial Brush, cleanse area thoroughly to remove all residue from skin.

Take ½ a teaspoon of Cherry Berry 10% or 20% Enzyme Peel and using your fingertips scrub the peel gently over the face and neck and leave on for the Recommended Time:

Recommended Enzyme Application Time for Skin Types

Skin Type Time
1 5-10 mins
2 5-10 mins
3 3-5 mins
4 3-5 mins
5 2-3 mins
6 2-3 mins

After Recommended Time has elapsed, emulsify (using finger tips and liberal amounts of water to release the dead skin cells and enzyme peel) before gently removing with wet sponges or warm towels and pat dry.

Using a fan brush apply Cherry Berry Nutritional Solution liberally over the treated areas to neutralise the enzyme peeling action and normalize the skin’s pH.

OPTIONAL: Massage with Shea Raspberry Massage Crème (steam approx 15 minutes during the massage or while the enzyme is left on the skin). With warm towel wipe off any residue and cleanse again with the Rosaderm cleanser.

Apply suitable Masque:

  • Revitalising Masque(Ageing Skins)
  • Rosaderm Soothing Masque(All Skins)
  • Clarifying Masque (apply with spatula)(Acne/Oily Skins)
  • Collagen Face Masque(All Skins)

Remove masque after 8-10 minutes with warm towel then follow with EGF-DNA Recovery Serum.

Apply suitable Moisturiser:

  • Acne Deep Pore Cleansing Crème(Acne Skins)
  • Glucana Crème(Oily/Congested Skins)
  • Sensitive Skin Repair Crème(Sensitive Skins)
  • Anti-Radical Rejuvenation Crème(Dry/Mature Skins)
  • EGF-DNA Recovery Crème (Eczema/Psoriasis Skins)
  • Vitamin A Crème + PPE(Ageing/Lax Skins)
  • Lightening & Brightening Crème(Pigmented Skins)
  • Rosaderm Crème(Rosacea Skins)

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