Do’s & Don’ts of Peels


  • DO patch test and examine
  • DO take your time administering Peel
  • DO define the objectives and expected results
  • DO peels in a well ventilated & dry area
  • DO take pictures Before & After


  • DON’T assume that because a client has had a peel before that they are ok this time.
  • DON’T rush through the application of layers
  • DON’T over promise. Peels aren’t magic
  • DON’T try to peel too large an area or too many places at the one time.
  • DON’T use a product that smells rancid
  • DON’T mix, blend or otherwise use product in any way except as adviced.

Things to tell your client before a Peel!

  • Shampoo hair thoroughly previous day
  • Shave at least 12 hours before Peel
  • Don’t put on Fragrance
  • Wear a buttoned dress or blouse
  • Bring a large hat if sunny day
  • Avoid heavy glasses on the bridge of the nose
  • Have client sign a release form before doing a patch test
  • Get payment from client before treatment
  • Have client do a double cleanse to remove all make up before she comes in.

Adverse Reactions During Treatment

Intolerably Hot During Application

  • Stop Application & wash with cold water to remove enzyme.
  • Apply EGF-DNA Recovery Serum.
  • Apply thick layer of Rosaderm Soothing Masque and discontinue treatment.

Redness/Oedema (Swelling)

  • Remove product (as above)
  • Apply Rosaderm Soothing Masque with 1% Hydro Cortisone.
  • Have client see Doctor if condition is no better in 24h

Chills, Nausea

  • Stop application; remove with plenty of very cold water.
  • Apply cold compresses for 5 min
  • Liberally apply Rosaderm Soothing Masque and leave for the rest of the day
  • Call your client in 24 hours to check condition.
  • Advise them to see a Doctor if necessary.

Things To Tell Your Client After Peels

  • Keep area as dry as possible for the first 3 days.
  • Only use water spray or soothing masque or EGF-DNA Recovery Serum if absolutely necessary
  • Don’t use hair spray or Fragrance sprays
  • Don’t help the peeling by picking or pulling
  • No Buff puffs or exfoliants
  • Avoid any shellfish or seafoods for 24 hours

Post Peels Home Care

  • No washing for 48hrs (Preferably up to 72 hours).
  • After 3 days, cleanse with Sensitive Skin Bar. Pat dry and apply thick layer of soothing masque or Restoraderm Crème.
  • If going out client must apply Super Hydrating Sunscreen with Vit-E and Lip Balm
  • On the 4th to 6th days the skin around the nose or mouth will start to peel first. Apply EGF-DNA Recovery Serum, after cleansing with sensitive bar. If skin is uncomfortable apply Rosaderm Soothing Masque.
  • On the 7th day the peeling should be completed. Have the client visit the salon.

For the remaining dead skin cells remove with either an Enzyme treatment or Micro dermabrasion. EGF-DNA Recovery Crème or Serum should be applied only on new skin.

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