Papin Enzyme Peel Instructions

Excellent for dehydrated skins and as a prep for discolouration treatments

Procedure Time: 45 minutes

Cleanse with Discolouration Cleansing Bar and facial brush. Apply to face, neck and décolletage. Gently massage and remove with warm towels.

OPTIONAL: Area can be treated with 10% Glycolic Solution for clogged or very oily skins to prepare the skin using a gauze or Q-Tip. Leave on and continue.

Mix a teaspoon of Papin Enzyme Powder with ½ a teaspoon of the Papin Enzyme Activator to make a paste: Add a couple of drops of water for oily skin or for applying to clogged skin for a thinner consistency, so as to be able to brush on to the skin.

Apply evenly over the area with a fan brush.
Suggestions: Wet brush with water before applying the Enzyme paste. Use steam and leave on for approx. 10 minutes for sensitive skins, 15 minutes for oily to dry skin.


Wet finger tips and emulsify the enzyme so it frees all dead cells.

Remove with wet sponges or hot towels and
rinse thoroughly making sure there is absolutely no residue of the Papin Enzyme left on the skin

Pat dry completely before proceeding to next step.

Apply EGF-DNA Recovery Serum to neutralise the peel.


OPTIONAL: Extractions and Ampoules may be incorporated into the Facial at this point.

Apply appropriate Masque for 10 minutes. Use Clarifying Masque (apply with spatula) for clogged skins, De-pigmentation Creme as a Masque for pigmented areas, Rosaderm Soothing Masque for sensitive skins, Oxygel for Asian or Discoloured skins or Mineral Enzyme Masque for all other skin conditions.

OPTIONAL: Massage can be done for 5-7 minutes if skin requires stimulation or regeneration. Massage for oily/clogged skins is best done after removal of a Clarifying Masque. Once skin is decongested, the Serums can be massaged into the skin for 5-7 minutes. Remove any excess product left on the skin.

Apply appropriate Crème: 

  • Acne Deep Pore Cleansing Crème(Acne Skins)
  • Glucana Crème(Oily/Congested Skins)
  • Sensitive Skin Repair Crème(Dehydrated Skins)
  • Anti-Radical Rej. Crème (Dry or Mature Skins)
  • EGF-DNA Recovery Crème (Eczema/Psoriasis Skins)
  • Vitamin A Crème + PPE(Ageing/Lax Skins)
  • Lightening & Brightening Crème(Pigmented Skins)
  • Rosaderm(Rosacea/Sensitive Skins)

Note: If using this treatment as a preparation for treating discolouration or pigmentation, it is advisable to infuse the Discolouration Solution with the help of the Isoderm or Isolift. Using Dermo-electroporation, ultra-sound or galvanic, to infuse will help to break up the hyperpigmentation quicker. Use only on pigmented areas and then infuse the EGF-DNA Recovery Serum over the entire face and neck, including the discoloured or pigmented areas.

Apply the appropriate masque on the specific areas as required. For example, only use the De-pigmentation Creme as a masque on pigmented areas and Revitalising or Mineral Enzyme Masque on the other areas. Remove after 10-15 minutes and apply appropriate cremes to finish this procedure.

Salon Treatments:

Great to be used in conjunction with glycolic and oxygen treatments. Also can be done as a course of treatments for refining skin texture, tightening pores, removing congestion, alleviate dryness or dehydration.

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